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Because we don’t just know our stuff: We’ve lived it, worked it, and made it work for us!

We help clients rejuvenate their passion and joy in being an entrepreneur.



Kristi Pavlik, Chief Visionary Officer at Adonai Business Solutions, helps entrepreneurs navigate their business journeys to success! For more than a decade, Kristi has been teaching entrepreneurs and small business owners how to transform big ideas into business models that support profit and growth!

Active in the business management field for over 20 years, Kristi is a skilled professional who helps entrepreneurs from beginners to business leaders “get out of their own way”. She shows them how to implement practical, real-world solutions to their business speed-bumps, resulting in improved efficiency, increased productivity and significant progress toward their goals. Clients who work with Kristi are amazed at how she can help their business move forward. She can help you launch a new business, grow an established business, or explore uncharted territory with industry leaders. Business owners are thrilled at the results on a business and personal level.

Kristi loves working with entrepreneurs and small business owners who are out to change the world and help others. Her focus is to increase the reach of those businesses and organizations, expanding the good they do every day.

When Kristi isn’t busy running Adonai, you can find her working in her garden, playing with her 2 dogs (Shelby & Sadie), acting as “mom-taxi” to her 2 kids (Katy & Josh) or hanging out with her husband of 17-years (Andrew).  She is an avid Star Wars fan who loves to read and travel.  Just ask her…she is always more than happy to show you her Yoda collection.  Her favorite quote is of course “Judge me by my size do you?….Size matters not”. Stand next to her and you can easily see why. 


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