When Small Really is Quite Big

big vs smallI love every-other-Thursday! Every-other-Thursday is when my mastermind group gets together and I just know that great things are going to happen. Even though there are only 4 of us (small group in terms of a typical mastermind), we accomplish big things. Although we may not always start out know where our session is going, we never fail to come up with a big idea or two to try out.

Today was no exception….but in a why I had not imagined.

The four of us talked about many things this time around….blabs vs. webinars, ways to use periscope that we had not thought of before, how Kathy is coming along with her Time Bank (more on these in a different post), etc. But what stuck with me the most is when we started talking about selling your business. I made the comment that I had heard/read many gurus say that if you build a business without a plan for selling it in the end, then you really don’t have a business at all, you have a hobby. And without intending to, I apparently struck a nerve with one of the group members, Kristen, because she wrote this fantastic post about it in her blog – click here to read.  What came from this discussion was not only BIG, it was HUGE – literally!

By the time our meeting ended, we had a rather heart-centered and inspiring discussion around the idea of what makes a business successful, and how just because I may want to take over the world, does not make the fact that Kristen, and many others like her who do not have that same desire, have any less of a successful business.  Please don’s misunderstand me here.  Never did I think that I was more successful than Kristen, and she knows that.  But what came of this discussion was….so what if you only want to work with a limited amount of clients, stay within a 2-hr radius of your home base, are truly ok with making under 6-figures a year…what then?  Why does society tend to label these types of business as not legitimate, as more of a hobby?  Why is success partially determined by the “bigness” of your business?

Here is the thing…each of us have our own definition of what success is.  And if that is true, then why cant everyone have their own idea of what “big” looks like?  Why cant Kristen’s business model be just as big as my “take over the world” flow chart?  There really is no difference.  Her “big” is every bit as “big” as mine.

This is why the four of us in our “little” mastermind are able to come up with some rather “big” and dare I say brilliant ideas – we understand that each of us is unique, we have unique abilities, a unique way of thinking, and unique visions for our businesses.  None of which is bigger than the others!

So I ask you – who of you out there are like Kristen and truly want to stay within their version of “big” and say to heck with the rest of what the world thinks – it is your business after all.  If that is you, then I encourage you to reach out to her and let her know that you too want to “play big”, but “big” on your own terms.